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Here it is shown where is located with respect to all the scientific community indexed by DBLP. In particular, each researcher is mapped in the charts with a blue point, while is highlighted in red. Three high-level parameters have been considered and analyzed with respect to the overall dependence degree: the total number of papers, the total number of co-authors, and the length of the career (expressed in years). We report also the data of the five authors with the most similar w.r.t. .

Author ranking based on d-index

  • Overall: ranked 0 out of 0
  • Same career length (): ranked 0 out of 0
  • Same #publications (): ranked 0 out of 0
  • Same #co-authors (): ranked 0 out of 0

M. Cataldi, L. Di Caro, C. Schifanella
Université Paris 8
Università degli Studi di Torino

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